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 Forum and In Game Rules

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PostSubject: Forum and In Game Rules   Forum and In Game Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 2:48 pm

Here is a list the SolsticeScape Rules. Please know that you are responsible for following these rules even if you do not read them.

1. There is to be no posting of Nudity, Porn, Sexual Activities, or Disturbing/Disgusting images, videos, or links to sites that provide anything of the sort. Do not post any links to sites selling Runescape GP, items, or accounts. Do not post any links to Phishing sites. Posting of such material will result in an instant IP Ban from the Forums, Chatbox, and Server. No Warnings, no Exceptions.

2. Staff impersonation will not be tolerated. No member should have "Admin", "Owner", "Mod", or "Donator", or any variation, in their user names. Staff impersonation will result in a ban.

3. Do not disrespect any staff members. Owners, Admins, Mods and Donators all help the server and keep it alive. Without them, SolsticeScape would not exist. Show them proper respect.

4. There is to be no Selling or Buying of Runescape accounts or items. Doing so will result in a Forum ban.

5. Do not advertise any hacking software in game or on the Forums.

6. Do not advertise your Server on our Forums or in game.

7. If you find a bug in game, don't abuse or exploit it. Please report it to us in the correct section on the Forums.

8. Please keep the flaming to a minimum. There's no censor in game for a reason; We don't want to restrict our players so much that it feels like RuneScape. Please just use your head and don't say anything that would offend someone heavily.

9. Duping of items results in an IP Ban.

10. Please don't ask for Staff positions. Staff members will be picked by Austin and myself, and only the people who seem best for the position will be chosen.

11. Spamming or flooding of the Chatbox on the Forums or In Game will result in a Mute.

12. Use of Autoclickers will result in a reset of your account. Autotypers ARE allowed, but do not use them to spam the Chat. If you do use one, please set it at 1 Message per 5 Seconds.

13. Pkp Farming, or the repeated killing of someone for free Pk Points is not allowed. One warning will be given. After the warning, all users involved will be Banned/IPed depending on the severity.
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Forum and In Game Rules
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