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 King Black Dragon Guide!

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PostSubject: King Black Dragon Guide!   Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:47 am

Welcome to another guide by : DRSP Smile
This one is for the king black dragon!

Info: kind black dragon has 3 heads!, thats right three of them!
He drops dragon bones which is good for prayer lvl! Smile

Lets begin!

Stuff needed!

Inventory :

Equipped :

beside God Wars :

Use your potions before you get in!

Drops :

Now sine the wildy level is 150 or something you can not teleport out!

so run out!

and run and run and run! untill level 20

and run!

***********************Thank you for viewing this**************************

************************* I hope this will help you!*****************************
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King Black Dragon Guide!
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